Copenhagen by Michael Frayn
Classes involved: 2eB, C and E

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Teachers in charge: Janine Goedert, Pascal Daman, Lydia Bintener
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2eB, C and E students will take part in an interdisciplinary project around

Michael Frayn's


The play is about two of the greatest 20th-century physicists: the German Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr, his Danish spiritual father. What linked the two men was not only their scientific collaboration (they revolutionised atomic physics in the 1920s), but also a deep friendship soon to be tested dramatically by World War II.

At the very heart of 'Copenhagen' is the enigmatic visit that Heisenberg paid Bohr in September 1941, when Denmark was under Nazi occupation and Bohr, whose mother was Jewish, was being closely watched.

The two men left Bohr's home for a walk which was to be cut short. No one knows what was actually said; all we are sure about is that their friendship did not survive what must have been a stormy encounter. The discussion centred on the Nazis' nuclear programme, yet the memories of the two protagonists diverge, while Bohr's wife, Margrethe, offers a third version of events. In Frayn's passionate play these clashing memories become starting-points for different scenarios ...

Public performances at the TNL (Atelier)

on April 18 and 19

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